About Us

Quality crop protection without compromise

Sabakem are an exciting part of the changing Crop Protection market within the Australian Agricultural scene. As international markets open, the Australian agricultural market adapts to new ways of sourcing chemistry competitively. Sabakem was established in 2011, leading the way as a supplier partner of choice of many key distributors within Australia.

Sabakem brings its partners one step closer to the source of the technical supply, having direct access to the powers of its partner, Binnong Technology CO Ltd, located in Shandong province, China, and their strong local relationship. Binnong is a leading crop protection manufacturer in China with more than 30 basic technical compounds in the Herbicide, Insecticide and Fungicide segments.

Sabakem is a highly experienced team and is committed to delivering a difference to its partners through solutions that embrace its core values.

• Integrity.
• Compliance.
• Entrepreneurship.
• Knowledge.
• Partnership & Customer Focus.
• Operational Excellence
• Respect

Shandong Binnong Technology Co., Ltd

Shandong Binnong Technology Co., Ltd, was established on 1995, a professional and leading herbicide manufacturer. The business employees in excess of 3600 employees and transacts business in excess of $152 million USD with its customer partners globally.

Binnong are proud of its achievements and to be recognised as an innovative leading and responsible crop protection manufacturer with:

• ISO accreditation
• ISO9001 Quality Management
• ISO14001 Environment Management
• ISO18001 Occupational Health & Safety
• SA8000 Social Responsibility Certification

Binnong is active in over 30 key actives of which include:

• Organophosphorus series (Glyphosate)
• Amides series (Alachlor, Acetochlor, Pretilachlor, Butachlor, Metolachlor)
• Triazines series (Atrazine, Ametryn, Terbuthylazine, Terbutryne, Simazine, Prometryne)
• Dinitroznilines series (Pendimethalin, Trifluralin, Butralin)
• Phenoxyalkanoic acids series (Fluazifop-P-Butyl)
• Others (Bentozone, Fomesafen, Mesotrione, Nicosulfuron)